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Power of Prana

Prana: the Universal life energy found in every living thing. An ocean of undercurrents, lines and connections that form all around us; that falls like a spider's web to connect every interaction we have. Without it there would be no life. Without it there would be no breath... through the practice of Yoga we unlock the energy of Prana, and use it to bring about inner-peace.

Prana is a word that you likely heard about if you practice yoga. The concept of prana is something that exists in many other cultures. The Maori refer to this as “mana”, the Chinese know it as “qi” or “chi”, the Greek refer to it as “pneuma” and the Japanese know it as “ki”. While these are all names for the same thing, these are all simply just known as “energy”. (EatFeelFresh) By reading on, you will learn all about prana and the true power that this concept contains.

The Sanskrit word “prana” can be translated as a “life force” or “breath”, but it’s really all about a concept that cannot be measured or even seen, though you can feel it. There are actually 5 types of prana, which is known as vāyus according to the Hindu text. It Hindu philosophy, all of the other vāyus actually come from this concept of prana. Prana is something that is discussed in great detail in the Ayurveda and hatha yoga. ( Wikipedia)

As we breathe in, we breathe in prana. By the act of breathing in and expanding our breath, the idea is that we are improving the life force that exists within us as well as around us. If you practice yoga, you understand just how important the act of breathing is. The ultimate goal of your yoga practice is to allow the prana to flow more freely through your body. The reason for this is because if the prana cannot freely flow through you naturally, disharmony in the body can develop in both the emotional and physical level. ( DoYou )

Pranayama, which is the practice of breath control, teaches the practitioner techniques for deep breathing. When you practice deep breathing, you can actually heal your body by shifting your consciousness. If these channels, known as “Nadis” are blocked, you will suffer from discomfort. For optimal health, prana cannot be blocked. The channels flow through 7 energy points (Chakras) in the body. Chakras are responsible for regulating emotional and physical attributes. This is exactly what prana is so important to your overall well-being. ( EatFeelFresh)

Prana yoga leggings by SuniaYoga

Practicing yoga on a regular basis is the best way to help your prana flow more freely through your body. To be truly healthy, it is important to help improve all aspects of your emotional and physical health. It is also important to master the art of pranayama, which is what allows you to better control your breathing.

If you are starting yoga for the first time or if you want to improve your yoga skills, dressing for success is key. You want yoga apparel that offer breathability and give you the freedom of movement to master the postures. But, you also want yoga pants and tops that are stylish and give you confidence at your yoga classes - and for that we have you covered (literally!)

Our Prana yoga leggings were inspired by the concept of Prana. These and all of our yoga leggings meet the criteria discussed above to give you maximum freedom of movement, comfort, and style. Having the right yoga gear can transform your yoga experience and help keep you motivated to stay with your practice. 

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