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An Intro to Yoga

Sunia Yoga was founded by yogis, for yogis and inspired by yoga philosophy. There are many benefits that a yoga practice can bring, and we want our designs to inspire you to get up, out and onto the mat as often as you can. We also want you to look (and feel) great doing it! If you are new to yoga and interested in getting started, this article is for you. Read on to get a quick overview of yoga, and set yourself up for success with the right yoga gear and apparel.

Yoga Doesn't Need To Be Lonely

Anyone who doesn't like the prospect of Yoga simply because it is a solo exercise should think again. Practicing yoga in large groups has actually proven to help boost the release of oxytocin in the brain ( Psychology Today ). When you practice yoga frequently it is shown to have the same benefits on your inner-peace as meditation does; making it the ultimate way to get fit, stay fit, and keep calm!

A Beginner Hatha Yoga Class taught by Shashi Pottathil

The Right Equipment Is Essential!

Like any serious exercise, yoga requires its own set of apparel that makes the job easier...anyone who has ever tried to stretch into Child's Pose in a pair of skinny jeans can tell you so. Yoga wear typically consists of a yoga bra or loose-fitting top, teamed with either yoga pants or leggings. Leggings work well but if they aren't active yoga wear leggings they do tend to fall down off the hip and get in the way.

When you engage in a yoga session the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about what you are wearing. When your clothes are too loose you will find yourself with a face full of T-shirt in Downward Dog. If your yoga pants are too tight you will find yourself unable to breathe from the abdomen without discomfort after a while. The right yoga wear is vital to your success... just like the right shoes are essential to a runner and a swimmer needs a swimming costume.

The Right Yoga Wear Should Include:

A yoga bra or crop top. T-shirts shouldn't be too loose or too tight or they will get in the way.

  • A good pair of yoga leggings (like our Prana leggings for example) for the perfect fit for any shape or size.
  • Supportive footwear. Some prefer to practice Yoga in their bare feet which is fine and often recommended. But if you have hip, leg or foot problems or will be practicing outdoors, you should consider appropriate footwear.
  • Bandaging Wraps. This is optional, but you might consider keeping a tubular bandage or wraps in your Yoga bag. Once in a while you may over stretch, hold the pose at an odd angle or otherwise pull a muscle. If so, having extra support available will be a major plus. 
Yoga Gear featuring our Black & Grey Mandala yoga shorts

Unlock Your Inner Yogi

Our goal with all of our designs are to create the ultimate in yoga-friendly clothing that gives you everything you need to get out on the mat, and keep you going back. Sunia Yoga leggings and yoga bras are available in so many eye-catching colors and patterns, perfect for wearing in our out of the gym or yoga studio. A great pair of leggings and comfy yoga tops are must-haves on the yoga floor, so head over and pick up some awesome yoga leggings and bras now!

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