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Leggings Are The New Jeans

Even before social distancing turned the whole world upside down, soft and comfy leggings became a new wardrobe staple that has quickly become that must-have item every woman (and now man) can’t imagine their life without. You can probably say they’re the new jeans. Read on to find out how to get in on all the comfort and flexibility that leggings have to offer!

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The Powerful Meaning of OM

A word, mantra, and symbol; OM (Aum, ॐ) is one of the best known yoga features in the world, with many devoted yogis choosing it for their tattoos or wearing it on their activewear and yoga mats. What is its real power and how does it translate into everything yoga actually is? Let’s find out.

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All You Need To Know About Sacred Geometry Symbols

You’ve probably seen the symbols all over your social media feed, yoga activewear and mats, or yoga studios around the world. What do they actually mean and represent? We’re here to help you find out.  Very simply put, sacred geometry is the study of recurring patterns that occur throughout the universe. It’s found everywhere, from astronomy, weather patterns and sand dunes, to seashells, plants, and even human DNA. In its uniqueness, it’s been studied for thousands of years by a variety of different people who either noticed and discovered the recurring patterns, or found out about them and wanted to learn and find out more. There’s something fascinating in its alignment and repetition that triggered so many different cultures all...

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The True Meaning of Ahimsa

This post is the first in a series that will dive deeper into the powerful yogic concepts that inspired the founding of the Sunia Yoga brand, and so many of our core designs. We are kicking off the series with Ahimsa, one of the 5 Yamas of Yoga, which represents the concept of nonviolence.

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How Yoga Can Help Protect You From Covid-19

Yoga is an ancient discipline and a way of life that does wonders for the body, mind, and soul, with long-lasting benefits that stay with us even long after the class is done.  With the worldwide pandemic and uncertainty caused by Covid-19, learning how to implement immune-boosting and stress reducing techniques into our lives has become of the utmost importance. Here’s how yoga can help. 

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