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Leggings Are The New Jeans

Even before social distancing turned the whole world upside down, soft and comfy leggings became a new wardrobe staple. With the ability to dress them up with a pair of gorgeous heels and a sexy top, dress them down by throwing a sweatshirt on top and lacing up your sneakers, straight to the option of sweating them up in a yoga session, leggings quickly became that must-have item every woman (and now man) can’t imagine their life without. You can probably say they’re the new jeans. 

Women in deep blue leggings, wearing them just like jeans in cute casual outfit

A bold statement, we’re aware, but with the popularity leggings received over the recent years, it’s hard not to think of it that way. If you take a walk in your city, look around and notice how many people are actually wearing them. For a coffee with a friend, an office lunch break, running with a yoga mat hanging from their shoulder, shopping in a department store, and even in fancy restaurants and clubs. So, let’s list down the reasons why:

Leggings Are Soft and Comfortable

Nobody can argue with that. Once you find those perfect leggings you literally feel are like your second skin, you never want to take them off. As a matter of fact, you sometimes buy two pairs just to be sure the style doesn’t go out of season. You wear them to your favorite yoga class, morning gym sessions, coffee date with your bestie, strolling through the Farmer’s market...and then you get this crazy idea to dress them up with heels and a smokin’ blazer. Yeah, you just never want to take them off. 

Wearing something smooth, soft, and extremely comfortable is the key to feeling good in your skin, as you never want anything to pinch you, squeeze you, suffocate you, or constantly be moving around so you have to keep pulling up the fabric or fix the waistband. Once you find that perfect pair, they’re destined to be your ultimate go-to for every occasion. 

Leggings Are Versatile

With so many amazing patterns and colors, leggings can easily transform your entire outfit and bring out your personality. And there’s always a specific type of design to fit everyone’s style. Some like to stick to neutral colors and plain designs, while others like to express their love for colors and unique patterns that cause everyone to turn their heads and ask them where they got them. Some like to take pictures and post them on their blogs and social media, and some like to bring some vibrancy and positive energy into their workout sessions. 

Whatever your reason may be, you can agree that there is a pattern and style for every occasion. And that’s why (both men and women) can’t seem to stop buying new pairs...over and over again.  

Leggings Are Functional

Unlike jeans that have a limited amount of stretch, leggings offer full range of motion and allow you to feel your best even after a full-on cheat meal at your favorite restaurant. They are meant to move and they are meant to move with your body, meaning they follow your energy and actions, whether you want to work on your flexibility or lounge on your sofa and binge on your favorite Netflix show. They are also easy to pack, wash, dry, and fold, making them the perfect travel companion which can easily adapt to every climate, season, or travel reason. 

If you’re still looking for your perfect pair, look no further than our extensive leggings collection with designs and colors to fit everyone’s preference! It’s time to get your staple piece and feel and look your absolute best!

Casual and Cute Leggings by Sunia Yoga - and yes, you can wear them like jeans!

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