Mommy and Me (Kids&Youth)

Sunia Yoga offers a cute, fun line of yoga pants for girls in lots of fun colors and patterns! We love kids and part of our core mission is to inspire girls and moms everywhere to discover the powerful benefits of sharing a yoga practice, and that mission inspired our line of girls yoga pants with matching patterns for mom!

The great thing about our girls yoga pants is how versatile they are! You can mix and match them with virtually any top, they are so easy to change into, and so comfortable that girls love being in them! Just like with ourwomen’s yoga leggings, girls yoga pants can be dressed up or down for everything from a quick trip to the store with mom, to fun outdoor activities, parties, day trips, the list is endless, and we have girls yoga pants for just about every occasion ( with new designs in progress as always!) Our collection covers all the popular colors too. We have girls yoga pants in colorful patterns with themes in red, black, blue, purple, green, yellow, white, and more!

These yoga pants are the most comfortable leggings you will ever find for your little girl. Our 82% Poly 18% Spandex fabric is the perfect blend for comfort that feels as smooth as butter on her skin, with 4-way stretch that moves with her and keeps her covered both crosswise and lengthwise at all times. Make sure to check out our sizing chart (scroll down for girls yoga pants) to find the perfect size. They feel so good, she will probably love them just as much for sleeping in as she does for fun activities like, well yoga(!), play dates, dance class, and so many more.

At Sunia Yoga, we promote health, wellness, and active lifestyles for you and your girl whether she’s a toddler or teen! Our girls yoga pants were designed with that mission in mind, so browse all of our unique, colorful patterns, colors and styles to find the perfect yoga pants for your little (or not so little!) girl, and while you are here, have some fun and pick a matching pair for yourself!

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