Healing Chakras High Waist Womens Yoga Leggings

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Introducing our 7 Chakra healing Yoga Pants!!!

We are sending everyone healing energy at these uncertain times.  We designed these chakra healing energy leggings to remind everyone to stay calm and stay focused on your yoga path.  Healing our planet with love and good energy is what we need to do right now.  Just know and trust that everything will be all right!

We would like to give you a brief description of what Chakras mean in sanskrit.

Chakras are the circular vortexes of energy that are placed in seven different points on the spinal column, and all the seven chakras are connected to the various organs and glands within the body. These chakras are responsible for disturbing the life energy, which is also known as Prana. The more you keep these chakras aligned and balanced, the more your mind will be balanced. 

Please see below for a chakra color chart. 

In traditional Hatha Yoga, there are 7 cleansing bija mantras associated with the chakras. We even took these yoga pants further and added the chakra cleansing mantras to our yoga pants. :)

What is Bija Mantra? Bija means seed. “The Bija mantras are one-syllable seedsounds that, when said aloud, activate the energy of the chakras in order to purify & balance the mind & body. When you speak the bija mantras, you resonate with the energy of the associated chakra, helping you focus upon your own instinctive awareness of your body & its needs.” 

If you take a closer look on the front and back (high waist area) of these yoga pants, you will notice that we printed the 7 healing mantras.  This will make it easier for you to remember them and be inspired while you are practicing yoga or just lounging around in them.  

See below for their meanings.  

Chant the Bija Mantras, either one at a time or in sequences.  Repetition can help you access meditative state.  Ready to take it a little further, try focusing on each regions of your body with each mantra.

So what ya waiting for? Get yours today and chant away!!!!!! Your Chakras will thank you for it.........

Fabric 82% polyester/18% spandex (super soft luxury fabric)
Super-soft, luxurious high waist leggings that hug and support in all the right places, while leaving you feeling like they’re specifically made for you. Made with a smooth and comfortable 4-way stretch, Triangle-shaped gusset crotch, 38-40 UPF material, micro-fiber yarn fabric for ultimate comfort and a wide and soft raised waistband that gently hugs your waist without sucking you in, these leggings are the perfect choice for your next yoga class as well as a cozy night in. Printed, cut, and hand-sewn in California by our in-house team, your leggings are bound to be unique, just like you.

Reminder: We use the best printers in the industry so our colors come out live and vibrant. Even after a ton of washes, colors never fade. This is what separates us from our competition.  We only use water soluble non toxic ink with ethical manufacturing (no chemicals and NO SWEAT SHOPS EVER).

Sunia Yoga leggings come out perfect every time.

Care: wash in cold water and turn the leggings inside out and always air dry.

Tip: If you are in between sizes, it is recommended to go up a size for the best fit.

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